About Me

Hi, I’m Tom Chandler, a retired stockbroker now living a peaceful life while traveling around the world with my family. I have two dogs and they are both Labrador Retriever. I’m a fan and also the owner of a few pontoon boats.

Pontoon Boat Trip

Why This Blog?

Well, this blog was started when I was far away from my family and lived alone in Thailand. I want something to waste my time and calm my life. So Pontoon Boat Expert launch. Here I’m sharing my life experience with pontoon boats and also the news, new technologies, and new pontoon boat reviews.

Thanks to my few rich friends I’m able to have experience and drive the newest pontoon boats when they launch. Yeah, one of the luckiest guys in the world right? Well yes, I am, but thanks to that opportunity I can write my experience here also.

So I would like you all to read my blog, and share your experience with me. Also, I would like to right path, and information to choose your first pontoon boat.

Do You Have Anything To Share About Pontoon Boats?

If you would like to share knowledge, experience bout pontoon boats you can contact me. I also offer guest post in my article if it’s genuine and well written.

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