2024 Sea-Doo Switch 13: A Small Pontoon Boat For Everyone

Take a look at 2024 Sea-Doo Switch 13 Pontoon boat quick review

Hello, pontoon boat lovers, today I’m back with another pontoon boat review. My friend Jerry recently brought Sea Doo Switch 13 2024 latest pontoon boat. He invited me for a ride last week. It’s awesome, to be honest.

Sea Doo Switch 13 2024 model has everything as I guess. It’s a small Pontoon Boat with changing minds and turning your heads. This little pontoon boat promises to make an enjoyable boat ride whether you are a newbie or a seasonable boat rider.

First Things First: Length Of The Boat & Trailer of Sea-Doo Switch 13

Sea doo switch 13 include free trailer
Sea doo switch 13 include free trailer

The 2024 Sea Doo Switch pontoon boat comes with 3 lengths. It’s 13ft(compact), 16ft and 19ft. Jerry got the compact model which is 13ft. When we talk about dimensions more deeply about the compact 13ft model it is 3.8 m long and has 2.4 m width. This pontoon boat has a 1.7 m height. With dry weight, it will be a total of 761 kg.

The boat Trailer’s dry weight is 215 kg, and it has a 4.55 m length. The width is only 2.3 m. For me, it’s not too long and not too short. That means it’s perfect for small companion fellas.

Second Thing: Engine Capacity

2024 Sea-Doo Switch models only come with two-engine capacity. Those are 130HP and 170HP. But a 170 horsepower engine is only available in Sea Doo Switch 19ft pontoon boat. Rotax® 1630 ACE™ engine with 170HP is a great choice between power and fuel economy. It’s honestly a good choice if you are expecting to do watersports with your pontoon boat.

See Doo Switch 13 foot engine 1630 ACE™

The compact (Sea Doo Switch 13) and 16ft model pontoon boat comes with 130HP same Rotax® 1630 ACE™ engine. It’s less than 40HP compared to the 19ft model but do you know guys it’s fine. Because guys to be honest this engine offers smooth, crisp acceleration with impressive fuel economy.

Let me tell you more about the compact model engine. It arrives with a Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS) for the engine and iBR® System (Brake & Reverse System). You can use Regular Unleaded Gasoline (87 octane) as your fuel and Its fuel capacity is 29 US gal / 109.8 L.

Third Thing: Storage Capacity

When we are talking about the compact model passengers, you can only have Five passengers with a 13-inch 2024 Sea Doo Switch. You will also get a 1.1 US gallon Storage capacity for the glove box, 73 US gal Under deck storage compartment, and 31.8 US gal Under seat storage. The main disadvantage in this model is there is no capacity in corner table storage.

Sea Doo Switch 16ft model offers 8 passengers with a little bit extra money while the 19ft model with 10 passengers with a lot of customization options. So if you are confused thinking Which length is right for me? Well, it’s up to you. If you plan to have a little company then a compact model is the best option.

Fourth Thing: Color

Well, unfortunately, all the model of Sea Doo Switch 2024 comes in red. Now, that does not mean full red like we used to see in pork or beef, haha. It comes with a mixed white color in the boat body.

All the model of Sea Doo Switch 13 foot 2024 comes in red.

2024 Sea Doo Switch Features

Audio System

So the new 2024 Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boat arrives with a 100-watt 2-speaker Bluetooth audio system. Each speaker is a 50-watt pure base with superior sound quality. It has full Bluetooth control. So you can change your favorite song with your mobile while watching the sundown.

Speakers are located in front and rear of the console to provide boat passengers with a surround sound experience.  You get a Console-mounted control pad for easy access to the sound system and the best thing is this sound system is fully-waterproof system and corrosion resistant.

iBR® – Intelligent Brake & Reverse

So Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boats come with this amazing Brake & Reverse system. Intelligent Break in Reverse is the world’s first and only on-water braking system. It’s honored by the US Coast Guard IBR. This all-new technology helps for easier docking and superior low-speed maneuverability.

Let’s take, for example, to control other watercraft you have to use both hands. This means you need one hand to pull up and down on a mechanical lever while the other is on the handlebar. But with IBR you can keep both hands on the handlebars and shift quickly and easily between forward and reverse just by squeezing and releasing a lever. What I love about this technology is IBR automatically starts in neutral. So unlike other watercraft that don’t have IBR, you don’t immediately move forward like a jet. haha.

If you want to know more about iBR technology watch below video and please refer this article also.

What is IBR technology?

iDF™- Intelligent Debris-Free Pump System

Another innovation to help you live a more adventurous sea life. Now with this iDF Sea-Doo Switch owners can have peace of mind knowing that if they do explore a new area with weeds and debris. See Doo offers a system that’ll clear the water jet pump at the push of a thumb. So you don’t need to worry about your engine anymore.

See-Doo Intelligent Debris-Free Pump System Explain

RF D.E.S.S.™ key

it’s a Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S) key’s ball-and-socket design that helps the driver with an easy and quick start for their pontoon boat. This key communicates with your pontoon boat wirelessly and also has Anti-theft technology. So the vehicle starts only when the key code matches your pontoon boat.

The most impressive thing I have seen in this is that it can also be programmed to limit the speed of the watercraft. So this helps first-time users and less experienced operators learn how to operate while gaining the necessary confidence and control.


Sea-Doo Switch 13 foot comes with a Tri-hull design. Because of this, you are more safe in the water with more stability and nimble performance. Sea-Doo uses Polytec™ – Robust & Scratch resistant hull material for longer usage.


When we talk about the Switch compact gauge it has a 4.5-inch digital display. It also has a Speedometer, Clock, Fuel consumption instant & average, and Fuel autonomy distance & time to empty indicators. The 2024 See Doo Switch compact comes with three driving modes which are Sport, ECO and Cruise control. Extra you also get slow mode with this year’s models.

Warranty For Sea-Doo Switch 13 Foot 2024 Pontoon Boat

So this is the most important thing when new buyers consider having a brand new pontoon boat, right fellas? That is a warranty. Well, Sea Doo Switch 2024 13-inch compact pontoon boats come with a 1-year factory limited warranty on engines and materials. 10 years on structure and hull.

Cost aka Price

Sea Doo Switch 2024 13-inch compact pontoon boat will cost around  23,699$. Compared to another pontoon boat at this price range, I think it’s not very expensive. Because you get the trailer and also the latest technologies like IBR, IDF, D.E.S.S, and also 900$ worth premium Bluetooth sound system.

My Final Thoughts About 2024 Sea-Doo Switch 13

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch 13ft Pontoon

For me, Sea-Doo Switch 13 is a great pick under 25,000$. That is because it is a 100% match for my family count and my budget. I spent days with my friend Jerry while partying and fishing on this pontoon boat. I have nothing to complain so far about this vessel. But I think if this compact model also has a 170HP version engine that would be great for those looking for a budget pontoon boat with watersport fun.

Sea-Doo Switch 13 Weight?

Sea-Doo Switch 13 Weight total 761kg. With trailer it will be total 976kg.

Can a Sea Doo Switch 13 Hold 8 Passengers?

No,Sea Doo Switch 13 foot can hold only 5 passengers. If you want a See Doo Swtich Pontoon boat that hold 8 Passengers then you should consider of having 16 foot model.

Where I Can Buy Sea-Doo Switch 13 foot?

You can buy it from official Sea Doo Website. 2024 compact entry model will cost you around 23,699$


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