What is a Pontoon Boat?

What is a Pontoon Boat

What is a pontoon boat? you may wonder what is this or maybe you are the first time hearing. Mostly boaters would replay it is the perfect option to spend a day on the water. Yes, no doubt about that because it is a great all-around vessel but it may not be a good fit for everyone.

Understanding What is a pontoon boat and what it is not will help you to decide whether you want it to have or not. 

Our article below will answer some major doubts about pontoon boats.

What Is A Pontoon Boat & What Is A Pontoon Boat Used For?

Pontoon boats can be the best option if you are a first-time boat owner. It may not look like a typical boat that you may regularly see in the water but it is an incredibly versatile style of boat. Pontoon boats are easy to maintain, simple to operate, and also very safe in the water. Also, these boats are highly customizable and show a luxurious look in the blue ocean. 

While most people know pontoon boats for Fishing, Entertaining, Moderate-level water sports, and Snorkeling they are also used for commercial purposes such as Tours, Ferry, Utility, and Mini-barge. Because of the high demand for pontoon boats recently in the United States, Canada & Australia, we can see modern pontoon boats with highly tech and options that help to use your boat for more than entertainment purposes. 

What Is The Difference Between A Deck Boat And A Pontoon Boat?

Let me get straight, they serve a similar purpose: they can accommodate many people comfortably, and with an open and flat deck you can have more walking space and hold more guests than a typical deck boat. But deck boats will mostly have less walking space but more storage area. 

The most notable difference between those two is the type of hull used in each boat. Pontoons have a catamaran-style hull with two parallel floats, while deck boats have a single V-hull. But remember both are simple to operate, but deck boats offer superior handling. And also deck boats are more expensive than pontoon boats.

What Is The Difference Between A Pontoon And A Tritoon Boat?

Pontoon Boat Vs Tritoon Boat

 A pontoon boat is made up of two equal-sized, air-filled tubes that run lengthwise down each side of the boat (called pontoons). A tritoon is simply a pontoon that has a third tube. The tritoon’s central tube is typically lower or slightly larger in diameter than the outboard tubes. 

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a tritoon boat over a pontoon boat. I will talk briefly about it in another article but here I will provide the advantages and disadvantages of a tritoon boat.


Safety – 100% highly recommended when considering safety because tritoons are safer than pontoons in higher speeds and rough or choppy water.

Performance – Tritoons use larger motors and because of that performance is higher.

Smoothness – You will get a smooth ride similar to that v-hulled boat and with the stability of a pontoon.


Cost – Most expensive than a pontoon. 

Space – Tritons are larger than pontoons. So you need more space when docking, storing, or trailering.

Skill – Trintoon has larger engines and motors. So you need to have more knowledge and skills to operate.

Can We Drive Pontoon Boats Fast?

Can We Drive Pontoon Boats Fast?

Hell no, they are like turtles. This is the answer mostly you will get if you are looking for an answer to Can we drive pontoon boats fast? question a couple of years ago. 

To be honest, now pontoon boats are mostly hit 25 mph. Because all the manufacturers of pontoon boats design those boats with modern motors and technologies. While I was writing this article typical budget-friendly pontoon boat can go at least 35-50 mph. Some performance pontoon boats now can hit 100 mph because of the popularity of pontoon boats in water sports games.

What Size Pontoon Boat Is Best?

Well, it depends on how you use your pontoon boat. Normally small one-seat personal pontoon for entertaining a handful of people needs at least a 15-footer. For more than six people and less than ten people then you need to look down 16-20 feet pontoon. If you looking for a party purpose with more than 10 people then you need to consider a pontoon over 20 feet. 

Also if you looking to buy a pontoon for watersports then you need to consider at least 22 feet long pontoon. Because bigger pontoons can manage bigger motors and are also more stable at high speeds. 

But remember before you buy a pontoon you must consider your needs and check your local regulations for size restrictions always. Otherwise, you will end up with a boat that you can’t use.

What Size Motor Does A Pontoon Boat Need?

Well, let’s just say that you found your pontoon boat with a great discount and it may fulfill your dreams. So is that all? hell no. Another factor that you need to consider when buying a pontoon boat is the motor size. 


Larger the boat you need to have a larger motor to reach the same speed. Also, remember it’s very important to consider the highest weight your vessel is likely to have. Because having a couple of people and a full tank of gas will make a considerable difference in weight and boat performance. 

Intended Use

Remember if your purpose of having a pontoon boat is to go fishing or partying with your friends then don’t go for a bigger motor. But if you want to go for watersports, then you need to consider having a larger motor with more power. Because in watersports speed matters. 


When choosing a pontoon boat another major factor that you need to consider is the budget. Let me tell you this as an example, consider that you want a pontoon boat for watersports but you are on a tight budget. But when you surf the internet you see a nice discount pontoon boat but the size is under 18 feet. So you buy it thinking well I can upgrade this later right? Well, this is not a computer. Because if your boat can’t hold or install a larger motor then your whole money is wasted. 

Pontoon boat motor cost

So please always remember what is your use of a pontoon boat. According to that choose your pontoon boat.

Is A Pontoon Boat Good For Shallow Water?

Exactly, they are the best choice for shallow-water boating. Why? because they have a smaller “draft”, which is the depth the boat goes down into the water. The average pontoon boat draft is always 10 inches and larger boats have 12 inches draft. For an experienced boater 2 feet of depth is considered safe and 3 feet is advisable. 

Can You Fish On a Pontoon Boat?

hell yes, pontoon boats are great for fishing. You need to do some modifications but luckily pontoon boats are very customizable. Half of pontoon boat owners in the USA use their boats to go fishing in summer. 

If you are planning to use your pontoon boat to go fishing these tools will be more helpful to have a great fishing experience. 

Retractable Bimini Top – A fixed bimini top is not good and can make casting difficult. But change your Bimini top to a Retractable Bimini Top and see how much is to cast.

Net – Mostly you have to reach over the fencing to net the fish. So always keep in mind to have a long-handled net.

Rod Holders – Remember to add rail-mounted fishing rod holders to both the bow and stern. You can make them yourself or you can buy them. They are not very expensive.

Trolling Motor – It may be great for navigating the shallows and if you use a remote-controlled one your fencing may obstruct a handle.


So what is a pontoon boat? I think in this article you can get a full idea right? It is the most fantastic all-round and family-friendly boat out there. So before buying a pontoon boat, you must always consider the factors that I talked about in my article. Then you can have a nice time & experiences with your new boat. 


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Tom Chandler

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