Do pontoon boats have bathrooms?

Do pontoon boats have bathrooms?

Hello guys, today I’m going to talk about having toilets or bathrooms in your pontoon boats. Now you may wonder why on earth people are expecting a bathroom in a boat right? well, it’s because when you no longer sail on water or you sail with your kids/women having a toilet in your pontoon boat is a major fact.

But unless luxury high-end pontoons will only come with a bathroom or toilets inbuilt. Trust me those boats are much more expensive than you can imagine and their insurances are also expensive. So let’s take a look more widely at do pontoon boats have bathrooms topic. 

Why Do You Need to Have a Bathroom on a Pontoon Boat?

Well, when we are sailing for a couple of days on the water and when the environment changes, especially a wet environment we know having a toilet in your boat is a necessary thing. Also here are some other situations in which having a bathroom in your pontoon boat is essential.

If You Have a Medical Condition

Imagine you have a nice pontoon boat that can have 14-16 people on it and you decided to sail on a lake for a couple of days. Because you need a change from your daily busy routine. 

But what happens is there is a person that has diabetes. You know diabetes forces people to use the more frequently bathroom. Also, imagine you have a pregnant woman in your boat, she will need to use the bathroom more often. Also, elderly people will use the bathroom more often because of their age or their medical condition.

You’re Traveling with Kids

Taking your kids in your pontoon boat is extremely fun and a great opportunity to teach them about nature. Also, it’s a great chance to increase your bond with your family and you can rescue your kids from smartphones, computers, and video games. 

But all the fun will be over when your kids need to use the bathroom. Because you guys know we, adults can hold it for a while but kids can not do that. When the weather is hot kids are used to drinking more water and as a result, they need to use the toilets often. 

You’re in the Middle of the Water

This is not a matter if you are near the marina. Because you can take your boat back to the marina and use a public bathroom. But what happens when you are in a big lake or sea? You can’t sail back right. So you must have a bathroom in your pontoon boat. 

What are the solutions if I don’t have a bathroom in my pontoon boat?

There are plenty of solutions are there now for the toilet or bathroom problem in your pontoon boat. Let’s take a look at what are your options.

Buy a Portable Toilet

portable toilet for pontoon boat

Portable toilets are now famous among pontoon boat owners. spending a couple of dollars can buy you a portable toilet for your pontoon boat. It won’t increase your boat’s weight and also doesn’t need much space to set up. 

For an example, I will take this Alpcour Portable Toilet. I take this because I’m still using this portable toilet in my pontoon boat and for 130$ it’s worth it. I purchased this at a local store with a discount. But you can order it via Amazon. They have good ratings on Amazon too. 

Use Eco-Friendly Potty Bags


Well, if you don’t want to spend money on a portable toilet you can consider having a couple of potty bags in your pontoon boats. I also have some potty bags in my pontoon boat because it will help you when you have toddlers with you. 

I use KONE Disposable Waste Bags. They are not very expensive. For just 25$-30$ you can get 100-110 bags. 

Use Primary Age Methods

This is an option if you completely don’t want to spend for either of the two above methods or you don’t care much about toilet needs. If so then you can use the lake or sea as your toilet like Stone Age people. 

My final thoughts

I think having a portable toilet is the best option that is suitable for those who are looking for a bathroom option in their pontoon boat. Because if we can spend 10000-20000$ for a pontoon boat, then we can also buy a portable toilet for 150$ right? Because this is the 21st century it’s not ok to use Stone Age methods for toilet purposes. I mean it’s ok if you are alone in the water or in a hurry but it’s not ok if people see it. 


Tom Chandler

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Hi, I’m a retired stockbroker with a passion for pontoon boats and a loving father to two adorable dogs.

Tom Chandler

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