Best Overton’s Pontoon Boat Accessories That Every Pontoon Boat Owner Should Have

Best Overtons Pontoon Boat Accessories

Well, today I’m going to write an amazing article that every Overton Pontoon Boat owner will be happy to know. I’m going to talk about top Overton’s pontoon boat accessories that you can have in your Overton pontoon boat without breaking the bank. 

This article will help Overton pontoon boat owners and also people who are willing to buy an Overton pontoon boat in the future. So let’s dive in. 

What Are Overton’s Pontoon Boat Accessories?

These are Accessories that you can add to your Overton pontoon boats to increase the happiness of your real life. Some accessories will help you to lighten up your pontoon boat, some will help with the main grill in your boat, and some will help you when you are partying in your boat with a couple of friends. 

So, according to the need, I’m going to categorize those accessories into a few. This will help you to get an idea for your boat upgrade. 

Overton’s Pontoon Boat Accessories – Drink Holders

Swivel Drink Holder

My top pick is this 19.99$ worth of swivel drink holder. It’s the best option if you are looking for a simple drink holder for your Overton pontoon boat to help prevent spills. It’s made with chrome-plated brass and also comes with a foam insulator and two mounting brackets. So you can easily move between two locations. 

Right now it has 76 positive reviews and if you can read some of the reviews from the customers you will understand why I picked this as the number one spot.

Pontoon Portable Dual Cupholder

Pontoon Portable Dual Cupholder

If you are looking fancy and luxury Dual cupholder for your Overton Pontoon Boat then this item suits you. Currently, this dual cupholder is 46.99$ and you can choose Platinum/Mocha Java, Sky Gray/Dove Gray & Marble/Brite White colors. 

This dual cupholder uses a drop-down vinyl retainer with a weighted dowel rod to hold the cupholder between your seat cushions steady. You will get two stainless steel insert cups with drain holes and rubber bottoms. The bottom frame was injection-molded with super firm foam padding and the best thing is it’s 28-oz UV and mildew-resistant marine-grade vinyl. Additionally, you will get a 3-year warranty also.

Taylor Made Platinum Series Mobile Cupholder

Taylor Made Platinum Series Mobile Cupholder

If you are a guy that owns Premium Overton’s Pontoon Boat or planning to buy one this is the most luxurious cupholder that you can add to your pontoon boat. Unlike other cupholders this is very expensive, right now it costs 69.99$. You may wonder what on earth I need this kind of expensive cupholder in my Overton’s Pontoon Boat right? well, let’s take a look at what you will get for this kind of expensive price. 

First of all, you need to notice that this is made by Lippert Components, One of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, automobiles, watercraft, and prefab homes. So it’s premium guys. That’s not all this cup holder is a rotationally molded, marine-grade polyethylene frame, and is UV-resistant. So now you know why these are much more expensive than regular ones. 

Overton’s Pontoon Boat Accessories – Grills & Grill Mounts

Kuuma Elite 216 Gas Grill

This is a larger grill that you can have on your pontoon boat. It’s larger than the Kuuma Stow ‘N Go Series. Comes with 216 square inches of cooking surface and improved airflow to guard against blowouts. This stainless steel grill also has integrated fold-away legs, a removable warming rack, a built-in thermometer, a piezo igniter, a removable Lift-and-Clean liner, a grease tray, a latching lid, and a stay-cool handle.  

Kuuma Elite 216 Gas Grill

Also, the Kuuma Elite 216 gas grill’s new regulator box design allows more adjustment to your gas canister. Here are some notable features of this grill:

  • Large 216 sq. in. Cooking Surface
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Removable Lift-and-Clean Liner
  • Removable Warming Rack
  • Integrated Folding Legs for Tabletop Use
  • Equipped with Stay-Cool Handle and Latching Lid
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • Piezo Igniter

The starting price is 329$. You can buy it for 84$ monthly installment. But remember you need to buy mounting hardware separately. You can choose Kuuma Pedestal Grill MountKuuma Inboard/Outboard Rail Grill Mount, or Kuuma 60° Rod Holder Grill Mount to mount your grill as you like in your pontoon boat.

Magma Marine Kettle 3 Combination Stove And Gas Grill

If you are looking for a Grill with an electric Pulse Ignition System The Magma Marine Kettle 3 Stove and Grill Combo is your best choice. This grill will power up when your first attempt with the help of a “AAA” battery. 

The all-new redesign heavy-duty inner safety shell will keep your grill outside cooler and also give protection and keep away your grill discolor. Also, your grill is protected by a Mirror-polished 18-9 marine-grade stainless exterior. 
Magma Marine Kettle 3 Combination Stove And Gas Grill

The Magma Marine Kettle 3 comes with a patented heat distribution system and burner, so it will direct more heat to the cooking surface. Also, this comes with a new swiveling control valve/regulator for quick, safe exchanges of propane canisters. And a balanced hinged lid that won’t slam shut, and a polished stainless steel handle with air-cooled supports. This is party sized grill, that offers a 204 sq. in. cooking area. 17-1/8″ dia. Here are some notable features of The Magma Marine Kettle 3:

  • Electronic Pulse Ignition System lights on the first try.
  • Turbo Venturi tube.
  • Radiant plate directs more heat to the cooking surface.
  • New swiveling control valve.
  • Connects to 1-lb. disposable propane fuel canister (not included).
  • Can be adapted to existing onboard LPG or CNG fuel systems.
  • 17-1/8″ dia. / 204 sq. in. cooking surface.

The price of this wonderful grill is around 329.99$ – 349.99$. You need to buy hardware and fuel canister separately. You can use Magma Marine-Kettle Round Rail Mounting BracketMagma Marine Kettles Square/Flat Rail Mounting Bracket to mount your grill and also if you want extra protection you can use this Magma Marine Kettle Original Barbeque Cover to cover your grill when you don’t use it. 

Overton’s Pontoon Boat Accessories – Lighting

well if you are looking to light up your Overton’s pontoon boat at night or you need to luckier your pontoon boat you may consider adding some LED lights right? But did you know that Overton’s has a specific light system for their pontoon boats? 

Well, let’s take a look what are the top of Overton’s ponton boat light system that is available for you to buy.

Overton’s 24′ Flex Track LED Light Kit For Pontoon Boats

This is one of the best DIY LED light kits that you have from Overton’s I guess. With White & Blue LEDs, you can get another more premium look to your pontoon boat at night. Kit includes six 4′ long pieces of mounting track, two 12′ long flex lighting strips, 4 white end caps, 30 stainless screws, and 24′ adhesive mounting tape and it will cost you 99.99$. 

Overton's 24' Flex Track LED Light Kit For Pontoon Boats

Ah, Ah you may wonder is that what I get for 99.99$ right? Well, these LED straps are stainless steel so you don’t worry when it’s operating with water. Also, their latest design is now more Energy-efficient. So you can power out your all LED straps from your 12v output. 

Overton’s Flex Track LED Light Kit, 36.3″ long

Overton's Flex Track LED Light Kit, 36.3" long

Well if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend 100 bucks for LED lights then you can buy this LED light system for just only 20$. But remember it’s just normal LED strips with no protection from water damage and also not aluminum cases. 


So these are the top-selling Overton pontoon boat accessories that you can have in your pontoon boat. Some accessories seem to be more expensive but when it comes to long-lasting they will win definitely with premium-grade materials and protection.

I think today’s article will help you gain more knowledge about your pontoon boat accessories. In the future, I will write more about some valuable accessories that you can have in your Overton pontoon boat without breaking the bank. 


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