Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat Review

Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat Review

Well hello again all, Today I’m going to show you a review of the new 2024 Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat. It’s a mini pontoon boat that can be your fishing boat or party boat. This all-aluminum Boat is built to provide comfort, durability, and unforgettable experiences in the water. With its sleek design, you’ll feel the thrill as you glide through the water. 

Special Features Of Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat

The Laker 714 mini pontoon boat delivers sturdy 1.25-inch square aluminum rails along with the .090 gauge pontoons welded with three chambers each to ensure stability and peace of mind. You can explore more with confidence & safety, knowing that your boat is built to last.

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As I see in this boat one of the standout features is its square pontoons. These specially designed square pontoons provide exceptional stability and buoyancy when you are on the water. Crafted with precision, they ensure a smooth and steady ride and allow you to navigate without worrying about your pontoon boat.

One Boat For All Your Needs

The Laker mini pontoon boat is the ultimate vessel for exploration. Because the center console provides convenience for those who crave the thrill of fishing. The Laker mini pontoon boat has you covered with a pre-wired setup for a trolling motor. So, you can effortlessly navigate the quiet corners of the lake. The foot-controlled trolling motor with a quick-release bracket offers precise control and a silent approach, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the serenity of nature. This is one of the top features that I have seen in this kind of small pontoon boat. 

Whether you’re casting your line, relaxing on the spacious deck, or simply enjoying the company of loved ones, the Laker mini pontoon boat provides the perfect setting for unforgettable moments.

Mini Fishing Pontoon Boat

2024 Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat Upgrades

When we talk about this boat I need to mention the newly added raised lounger seat on the back. This innovative feature offers unmatched comfort and allows you to relax. You can experience a new level of leisure as you recline on the raised lounger seat making every moment on the water even more enjoyable.

Underneath the bench seat in the back of the boat, you can see the convenient storage space. This cleverly designed feature provides ample room to stow away your essentials, ensuring a clutter-free deck and easy access to your gear. From fishing equipment to picnic supplies, you’ll have all you need right at your fingertips, making your every adventure on the water a breeze.

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Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat Specifications:

  • Length: 15′ 2″
  • Width: 7′
  • Weight: 640 lbs.
  • Person Capacity: 8 or 1440 lbs.
  • Person, Motor, Gear: 2100 lbs.
  • 26.5″Wx19.6″ H Square Pontoons
  • Rail Height: 24″
  • Deck Length: 13’11”
  • Deck Width: 7′
  • H.P. Rating: 40 HP
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty!

2024 Laker 714 Sun n Fish Package Includes:

  • Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat
  • 30″ rails in the rear and 24″ rails in the front with fill-ins
  • All aluminum deck
  • Gray powder-coated deck, pontoons, and rails
  • Four cleats
  • Graphics
  • Large Outboard transom bracket
  • Rear middle pontoon
  • Center steering console
  • Three fold-down seats with pedestals
  • Straight bench across the rear
  • Rear sun deck
  • Bimini top
  • Two Deep-cycle marine batteries
  • Two banks onboard battery charger
  • Two corner-mounted dual cup holders in the front
  • Minn Kota power drive 55 lb thrust 54″ bow mount trolling motor
  • Prewired front to rear for trolling motor
  • 50HP Honda remote outboard motor
  • Galvanized boat trailer

Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat Price

As I wrote this article Laker 714 mini pontoon basic boat will cost nearly 11000$. The Bimini top will cost you an extra 765$. You can get a completed mini boat with your customization with upgraded features for around nearly 16000$ from directboats.

My Thoughts

If you are looking for a small pontoon boat, that fits in your garage, and is also okay with your family then the Laker 714 Mini Pontoon Boat is the best option as I see in 2024. There will be more boats in the future with more features or smaller in size but right now this one is the perfect one for first-time pontoon boat owners and little family owners. 

What do you think about the Laker 714 pontoon boat? Will it be suitable for your pontoon boat journey?


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