Pontoon Boats Versus Deck Boats: Which is Right for You?

Pontoon Boats Versus Deck Boats Which is Right for You

You know that pontoon boats are very popular among a lot of boaters as deck boats. Also, these two boats share the same features and advantages. But if you are a person that never had a boat before or are new to the boat niche then you may be confused between these two boats or you may wonder what is the best boat for your family. pontoon boat or deck boat? Well, in this article I’m going to give answers to all those questions.

In today’s article, I’m going to explain Pontoon Boats Versus Deck Boats differences according to three main factors. This will help you to get an idea of whether you must choose a pontoon boat or a deck boat as your first boat. So let’s dive into the topic not wasting much time.

Pontoon Boat Versus Deck Boat Versatility And Customization

Customization, is the most important factor when it comes to any vehicle right? Who would not like to customize their boat with unique? So when we are talking about customization boats among pontoon versus deck boats, pontoon boats are the best. 

Pontoon boats are available in countless different deck layouts, shapes, and sizes. Mostly you can pick a pontoon boat between where you want a lounger, versus a sofa, versus a pair of fishing chairs. Also when it comes to watersports you can add a tow pylon to your pontoon boat. So it’s like a video game if you have more money you can do more customization. 

On the other hand dock boats are made of fiberglass with rigid hulls and decks. So many features originally come by, molded in and the floorplans mostly can’t be customized like pontoon boats. This is the major disadvantage of the deck boats. But there are advantages also on deck boats, with a fiberglass build you can mold steering consoles, ski lockers, and seat bases. They can give a more luxurious look to your deck boat at the end.

Pontoon Boat Versus Deck Boat Versatility And Customization

Performance And Seakeeping Abilities Of Pontoons Versus Deck Boats

A couple of years ago if we talk about this category Deck Boat will definitely be the winner. because fiberglass hulls can accept more horsepower and ride through heavy waves like butter. But this all changed when pontoon boats were manufactured with triple logs. Can you believe that damn three logs in one boat? Having a third log makes a huge difference in your pontoon because with that you can easily ride your boat and it may be a major key to boosting your pontoon boat’s performance. 

The Cost Of New Pontoon Boats Versus Deck Boats

When it’s come to cost deck boats are way more expensive than pontoon boats. Because they are large and made with fiberglass. Also if you are a boat fan and know the updates you may know pontoon boats first come as luxury vehicles right? It’s a thing that you can show your wealth publicly. My friend Jimmy, who used to be a stockbroker first owned a pontoon boat. In that time it was nearly cost 92 000$. I can remember those days like yesterday. Every summer Sunday we do boat parties with hot chicks in the middle of the lake. That was one of the coolest days of my life. 

But today pontoon comes with cheaper price. This is because of its popularity and people used this to do a lot of things like fishing, watersports, partying, tours, etc. Small pontoons with low-power outboards are very inexpensive. For example, you can buy a Laker 712 DLX Mini Pontoon for under 12000$ now. 

The Bottom Line On Pontoon Boats Versus Deckboats

So, what’s the bottom line? Should you choose a deck boat or a pontoon boat? Well, that depends on the above factors. Personally, I would choose pontoon boats because they are inexpensive and can do a lot of customization as I prefer. But deck boats will also do fine in some situations. So this is a call that only you can make. You need to choose the right boat for your needs. But now we do know one thing for sure, choosing either boat will be a major lifestyle upgrade for sure, so make the right choice and have endless fun on the water.


Tom Chandler

Pontoon Boat Lover

Hi, I’m a retired stockbroker with a passion for pontoon boats and a loving father to two adorable dogs.

Tom Chandler

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